Life is too busy to wait. Put Uoni to work today.

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Intelligent Laser Navigation

Always working for you. Smarter laser navigation means Uoni vacuums get stuck less.

3 in 1 Sweep, Vacuum & Mop

Relax, we got you. Uoni will sweep, vacuum and mop whatever your mess.

Self Emptying Dustbin & Self Charging

4.3L Automatic Dirt Disposal Robot Vacuum. Large Capacity Dedicated Self Emptying Dustbin, a Large Dust Bag is Quick and Easy to Replace and Can Hold Up to a Month of Debris.


  • LIDAR Navigation

    The LIDAR technology navigates through obstacles, mapping and understanding where objects are around it. Avoids obstacles and no re-routing. Design cleaning areas for a faster clean up.

  • 300ml Water Container

    Swap & mop up to 280m2 of space. Moist floot, stopping dust from floating in air, avoiding recontamination.

  • 3-hour Run Time

    5200 mah high capacity battery provides up to hours of constant cleaning. Auto return to recharge and resume cleaning from where it stopped. The entire process requires no effort from you.

  • 2700 pa Suction+

    The 2700 pa suction motor cleans effectively with 3 different choices of suction. With two side brushes, it can easily picks up dirt, per hair even invisible fine dust hidden deep down inside carpets.

Featured Press

Smarter Laser Navigation
Smart Home Compatibility
4-in-1 & Self Charging
Long Lasting & Strong Suction

Now is the time to Uoni your household cleaning.

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