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Do you need a Robot Vacuum? How to pick it?

Let me start by saying if you are the selected few among us who loves house cleaning, taking great pleasure and satisfaction in every bit of hands-on house cleaning task, the robot vacuum might not be for you. So don’t waste your money buying one. Keep up the good habit and enjoy your house chores.

However, for the rest of us who either do not have enough time to do house cleaning regularly or simply find house cleaning too tedious and boring. Buying and owning a robot vacuum is a worthwhile consideration.

Robot vacuums will clean your floor while you are out at work or even when you are vacationing in some exotic locations. All you have to do is to preprogramme the robot vacuum to clean the floor at a set time or use your handphone to remotely instruct the robot vacuum to clean the house while you are out of the house. Either way, you come home to a cleaned floor without having to lift your fingers to the broomsticks and dustpans, leaving you with plenty of enjoyable free time.

Robot vacuum is also an indispensable gadget for pet owners. Robot vacuum does a fantastic job of cleaning animal hair on the floor or carpet. Where the broom fails, robot vacuum will clean up all the hair left behind by your pets! For families with mansions that are too large to be cleaned by yourself, let alone having to complete it all within a day, the worry ends here! If you have a vacuum robot, your life would be so much easier, all you have to do is schedule the robot vacuum to clean everyday or even twice a day if you would like to, leaving you with an effortlessly squeaky-clean house, making you the greatest time theft ever in house cleaning history. Compared with a conventional vacuum cleaner, which requires manual operation, a semi-automated intelligent product, a fully automatic intelligent robot vacuum is a way better option. Of course, if you have a few maids in your family, just pretend that you didn’t see me writing this~

How to choose a robot vacuum?

Basic Functions

Apart from the obvious of having a good vacuum cleaning capability, a good robot vacuum must have the ability to avoid obstacles and falling down stairways. It should have scheduling and automatic recharging function. Importantly, it must be clever enough to avoid entanglement with objects and if ever entangled it should be able to escape the entanglement. Otherwise, you will end up having to “supervise” the robot vacuum frequently.

Visual navigation or laser navigation

Avoid robot vacuum that relies solely on visual navigation. Robot vacuum that uses visual navigation does not function properly when the condition in the house is dark.

Robot vacuum that uses laser navigation is a much better option. Not only it is not affected by the lighting condition in the house. It is also able to map the house much more accurately.

Suction power

Number matters when it comes to suction power of the robot vacuum. The stronger the suction power, the cleaner the floor and carpet. Generally, the suction parameter of robot vacuums are between 1500 and 2200Pa. I recommend you to choose a robot vacuum that has a whopping 2700Pa suction power to make sure your floor and carpet are clean thoroughly.

Dust box

The larger the capacity of the dust box the better. If the dust box is too small, you may need to clean the dust box a few times during a single vacuum cleaning session. To eliminate this problem, buy a robot vacuum that comes with a automatic dust collection box.


 An efficient robot vacuum should have a powerful algorithm that can map and plan the entire house, enabling the robot vacuum to clean the entire house.


The body of the robot vacuum should be as slim as possible, so that it can clean under the bed and furniture in the house without getting stuck, leaving no nooks and cranny uncleaned.

What are some of the good robot vacuums in the market?

The hot-selling robot vacuum brands in the market are:  Ecovacs, Roborock, i Robot, Narwal and UONI. Personally ,I am using a robot vacuum V980 plus developed by UONI in recent years. It is incorporated with the latest user-friendly robot vacuum technology. UONI holds on to its aim of constantly innovating in terms of technology and functionality of the robot vacuum, made possible through their consistent, thorough and ever challenging breakthrough research and development team. 

What I like most is, Uoni 980V plus comes with a 1000w powerful  automatic dust collecting function. It will automatically suck the dust and debris into a dust collection filter bag in the self-emptying dustbin which is also the recharging station. With this function, I do not have to clean the dust box manually, no more having to get a mouthful of dust each time I clean my vacuum cleaner.

Furthermore, Uoni V980 plus, also comes with a mopping function, which means you can use the robot vacuum to vacuum dry or wet mop your floor. One robot vacuum encompassing 2 cleaning functions.

Hurry and get yourself a Uoni 980V plus; let it do all he hard work of cleaning your floors and carpets, while you just sit back and relax.