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Here are some key points to consider, when purchasing a robot vacuum:

Before purchasing a robot vacuum, it is recommended to select a robot vacuum that is tailored to the user’s environment, habits and expectations. Other crucial factors such as the characteristics of the robot vacuum, the pricing point as well as the after-sales services should also be taken into strong consideration.

The concept of the robot vacuum is not foreign to all of us, generally we know that it can achieve automatic cleaning, save manpower as well as increase cleaning efficiency. However, our understanding towards the robot vacuums is stagnant at this level only. To truly choose a robot vacuum that is suitable for us we must understand its features and characteristics. 

  1. From the perspective of demands, you can consider getting yourself a robot vacuum for the following situations
  2. The air quality in the air nowadays is deteriorating, the level of fine dust in the air is also rising. If the floor of the house is left uncleaned for just a few days, the floor accumulates dust so easily, leaving an unacceptable amount of dust in your house.
  3. For families with furry friends, their fine hair flies everywhere to the floor, which may be too troublesome to clean up especially on carpets.
  4. For houses that are very spacious, requiring a long time to clean, allow the robot vacuum to do the work for you.
  5. For areas hard to clean such as under the sofa or under the bed. The robot vacuum can enter into narrow spaces nimbly.
  6. A special gift for a special someone during the holiday seasons or special occasions. The perfect gift for the elderly, the busy housemaker, and everyone around you. With the robot vacuum, let it do all the tedious housework, and spend more precious moments together with your loved ones.
  7. For people who have their hands full, when you get back from work all you want to do is just lay down and get some rest. Precious time should not be wasted on cleaning but resting. Let the robot vacuum do all the grinding for you, leaving a squeaky-clean house.
  8. I’m just too lazy to clean up. The robot vacuum is your new best friend.
  9. Smart home is the new dream home, how can you leave out a robot vacuum?

  1. Classification of robot vacuums

The planning and navigation system of the cleaning route by the robot vacuum is divided into the traditional random cleaning type and the planned navigation type.

The basic mode of a traditional robot vacuum is to move in a straight line until there is an obstacle, turn an angle, and continue to move straight. This method causes the robot vacuum to have a very clumsy navigation, it does not navigate intelligently but runs around abruptly leaving random spots uncleaned and repeated cleaning at certain spots.

The second method is the planned navigation that has been implemented amongst robot vacuums in the past year. It obtains the ground map of the home through scanning, exploration, calculation and other methods, and plans the cleaning route. Its main feature is the ability to divide the cleaning area, the cleaning process is regular, the repetition rate is low, while cleaning an open area it is cleaned back and forth in a Z shape, and it will automatically stop after the cleaning task has been completed.

Whichever method you choose, it depends on your family's conditions. However, a robot vacuum with the planned navigation system comes highly recommended. The robot vacuum is able to accurately and swiftly map and navigate itself in your home, identifying and avoiding obstacles such as furniture and thresholds, preventing damage caused to the machine itself as well as your furniture.

  1. Ease of use

The substantial element for a robot vacuum is convenience. A robot vacuum that can clean up the dust box after each cleaning session by itself is what truly makes it a hands-free cleaning experience. Amongst us, there are many who are allergic to dust, and debris, this allows them to avoid the hassle of cleaning the dust box by themselves and having to have runny nose or uncomfortable eyes. UONI quickly realized this, developed and launched the V980 plus+ robot vacuum, it is equipped with a self-emptying dustbin and charging station in one body. Its main function is to charge + clean the dust box. When the dust box is full, the robot vacuum will automatically return to the self-emptying dustbin. The dust is vacuum sucked into the dust bag of the self-emptying dustbin, avoiding the trouble of having to clean the dust box, also preventing secondary air pollution. A truly user-friendly option to people who are prone to allergies.

  1. Scheduled Cleaning

A cleaning schedule can be set, and the robot vacuum will start cleaning from the charging stand at regular intervals which you can set. After finishing its cleaning task, it will automatically return to the charging stand. With this function you can set for it to clean while everyone is away from home allowing you to come home to a clean house without even noticing it working. For example, the UONI V980 plus+ robot vacuum can be scheduled through the APP, which is very convenient allowing you to control it remotely.

Generally speaking, the robot vacuum is an intelligent, floor cleaning companion that can automatically complete your cleaning work, clean dust, debris, lint and small particles. It is exceptionally qualified as your daily home helper, leaving you with squeaky clean floors and a whole lot of time to chill out and enjoy life.