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How to choose a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

There are a confusing new of robotic vacuum cleaner options now available for household which are looking to automate this boring and redundant job. Thousands of households have bought robotic vacuum cleaners to replace manual dust removal and they now enjoy the fact that they are freed from the tedious task of vacuuming dust and dirt.
Most people have experience with a single model of robotic vacuum cleaners so either they love or hate the choice they made or wish they had bought a robotic vacuum cleaner with additional features. Shopping and selecting which model of robotic vacuum cleaner and features to buy still leaves most people very confused.
Here are some points to take into consideration when purchasing your robot vacuum”
1. The cleaning ability and power of the robot vacuum
The suction power of the robot vacuum is determined by the hardware of the motor. At present, the types of motors for robot vacuum in the market include brush motors and brushless motors. Comparing the two, brushless motors have many technical advantages such as miniaturization/high power, low vibration/low noise, and long service life. Therefore, when purchasing, it is best to choose a sweeping robot with a brushless motor. The Uoni Robot vacuum V980 Plus uses a Japanese original imported NIDEC brushless motor, with a strong suction of 2700PA, which can easily remove dust, hair and particulate garbage on the floor without leaving stains. It runs quietly while cleaning so it will not disturb your family and neighbors.
2. The route planning ability of the Robot vacuum
Effectively cleaning your home with a robotic vacuum cleaner will require the built-in technology to plan a cleaning route. This ability is achieved through the positioning and navigation system on the robot. Current technology options are mainly lidar navigation systems and visual navigation systems. Visual navigation system will have deviations in its positioning and recognition capabilities in places with poor light. You can choose accordingly to your home environment. For example, areas under the bed are more suited for robot vacuums with lidar positioning. The Uoni vacuum cleaner V980 Plus adopts the custom-made Uoni eighth-generation laser navigation system and the ASAR-V9 dynamic path planning system, which can efficiently lay out the entire house according to the U-shaped path.

3. How smart is your robot vacuum cleaner?
The basic functions of the robot vacuum are cleaning, vacuuming and mopping. To achieve a better cleaning effect and user experience, the development of the robotic vacuum cleaner, in terms of intelligence, is constantly optimized and upgraded. Most mainstream robots vacuum support functions such as continuous sweeping at breakpoints, scheduled cleaning, setting restricted areas, anti-falling and anti-collision. Dozens of sensors in the most advanced models enable your robotic vacuum cleaner to be smarter. By connecting the vacuum cleaner V980 Plus with the mobile phone APP, owners can view and control their robotic vacuum cleaner from the comfort of their chair. For people with multiple rooms and floors, the APP can save and recognize multiple maps, and they can choose to set cleaning function manually to achieve efficient cleaning.

How about the self-cleaning dustbin? We should add that as another point as it is a primary point of difference.
You can do your own research and check out the various brands of robotic vacuum cleaners but you will see that the UONI vacuum cleaner V980 Plus has many advantages and is a solid choice. Many people are familiar with the Roomba which has been around for a long time. If you are looking for a system that can vacuum, mop and has a self-cleaning dustbin, you would need to spend quite a bit more for the Roomba which is why we recommend the UONI vacuum cleaner V980 Plus