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How to choose an exceptionally smart robot vacuum?

With the continuous upgrading and innovations, robot vacuums are on the verge of taking over our mundane household chores creating a comfortable and speckless home environment for every family. It has become a hot selling product in the household cleaning industry. However, the price and quality of robot vacuums in the market vary. Then, how do we choose the perfect robot vacuum? Here are three tips for buying smart robot vacuum. 

  1. Positioning system

The most intelligent robot vacuum in the market now is equipped with a smart mapping system. Its core support is positioning technology, which allows it to autonomously position the robot vacuum and plan the cleaning route, which significantly improves the cleaning efficiency. At present, there are mainly three mainstream positioning methods on the market: RPS laser positioning system, vSLAM image displacement positioning system and an indoor wireless carrier positioning system. The RPS laser positioning system uses a 360° continuously rotating laser probe to measure the distance between the sweeping robot and the environment. After calculating the relative position of the robot and the beacon, it then substitutes the known beacon position coordinates to solve the absolute coordinates of the robot to achieve accurate positioning. The robot vacuum V980 uses the laser positioning system to accurately locate and map the whole house, making cleaning more efficient and intelligent.

  1. Motor parameters

In addition to advanced software support, hardware configuration is also a key factor that needs to be considered. Among them, the vacuum motor has a direct impact. It is well known in the industry that Japanese brushless DC motors have many technical advantages such as miniaturization/high power, low vibration/low noise, long lifespan and so on. They operate at a low volume while cleaning, and are currently the best vacuum motors. Uoni V980 adopts the NIDEC brushless motor imported from Japan, which can suck up dust, hair, debris and other small garbage. When it encounters a carpet, the machine will automatically detect, identify and adjust the suction power for in-depth cleaning.

  1. Cleaning module

The cleaning effect of the robot vacuum also depends on its cleaning components. Generally speaking, the cleaning component of the sweeping robot consists of a side brush and a suction port/rolling brush. At present, most sweepers are equipped with bilateral brushes and rolling brushes, which complement each other. While the bilateral brushes gather garbage, the bottom suction is specially designed to be close to the floor for high-coverage cleaning. The V-shaped roller brush configured by Uoni V980 can be freely removed and replaced. It is suitable for dusty environments. It can clean up gaps between floors, and can also clean up dust adsorbed on the floor due to static electricity. It is matched with 8cm long bilateral brushes. Cleaning dirt and debris, gathering dust together and sucking them clean.

UONIs flagship robot vacuum V980 adopts the eighth-generation laser navigation system of Uoni, which can instantaneously construct maps and accurately map out the layout of the house. After familiarizing with the environment, you can handily plan the area for cleaning to achieve high-coverage and superb cleaning effects.