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How to choose an intelligent robot vacuum? Here are 4 tips on how to select your new reliable house helper

The refinement of living standards and the unceasing development of technology has truly brought a great impact into our lives: In the older days we would be thrilled even at the thought of having the chance to watch TV, nowadays we tend to buy big screen TVs with a minimum of 4K resolution; before this the refrigerator which allows us to store food without it turning bad was already a real life saver, now we are inclined to have to buy the refrigerator with side by side doors and frost free features. The washing machine we dream to have now, preferably has to be a washer dryer combo along with highly efficient cleaning technology that uses less water and does less harm to our clothing.

In addition to the new upgrades of these traditional home appliances, there are some emerging home appliances that has been highly demanded and sought after in recent years, such as electric toothbrushes, air purifiers, smart toilet lids, vacuum robots.

The spotlight nowadays undeniably has been on the robot vacuum, many friends and family around me has been planning to get their hands on their own robot vacuum. However, with the many brands and variety of robot vacuums up in the market, they are quite puzzled as to how to select “the one” for them. Today, I would dedicate this blog for all those out there who are planning to get their own robot vacuum but don’t know where to start.

  1. The route planning

Early day robot vacuums mostly navigate through random collisions. That is, after each collision with an obstacle, they slightly adjust their direction of travel, and realizes the repositioning of the route through continuous collisions.

In such a process, both the robot vacuum itself and the user's furniture will inevitably be damaged and marked. This was also the most criticized defect of the robot vacuum when it was first introduced. With the rapid buildout and the unremitting advancement of technology, the robot vacuum industry has now leaped into the era of précised route planning and mapping generally adopting a powerful "Z"-shaped cleaning path. 

  1. The navigation method

An important factor that affects the cleaning effect of the robot vacuum is how it is guided, that is, how it "sees" the world, and how it plans the path according to the world in its "eye”. Thus, household cleaning robot manufacturers will fork out and go through tough grinds and uphill battles in preparing a pair of "golden eyes" for the robot vacuum trying to simulate the human eye and even bringing it to a whole new level such as ensuring that it sees even in the dark.

 iRobot, Dyson, and Samsung chose camera scanning for their mapping technology, while Ecovacs and UONI chose laser scanning for its mapping technology. Laser navigation is currently the most stable and mainstream positioning and navigation method, it encompasses the most cutting-edge automotive autopilot technology, many of which are also developed using the principles of laser navigation. 

  1. The design and functionality

In this age where aesthetics has become of the main focus point of everyone, the design of the robot vacuum is also highly taken into consideration, but these preferences vary very much from person to person. Feel free to choose the sleek design that you like. However, the real thing is in the functionality of the robot vacuum.

A genuinely intelligent robot vacuum should, like a human, be able to judge where it is not too dirty and where it is dirty and be able to perform focused cleanings. Therefore, a qualified robot vacuum must have the blind spot photosensitive recognition function. For blind spots that are not easy to clean, such as the bottom of the sofa, bed, and closet, the robot should be able to automatically turn on the focused cleaning mode and increase its cleaning power, so that dust and debris stand no chance against the robot vacuum.

If your home has a duplex structure with stairs, then you must buy a robot vacuum with the anti-falling feature, otherwise, it would be a pity to have to watch your robot vacuum fall down the stairways, severely damaging your robot vacuum and your wallet as well.

Dirt sucked in by the robot vacuum will be stored in the dust box, however the gas in it still has to be discharged. In order to avoid secondary pollution, the robot vacuum from UONI has specially integrated a filter design at the air outlet to purify the air through double filtration.

  1. The suction power

The cleaning efficacy of the robot vacuum has a lot to do with its suction power. Generally speaking, the greater the suction, the higher the level of cleanliness. Of course, it is not enough to have just large suction power. The cleaning system of the robot vacuum, the size and width, the ability to fit into hard-to-reach spaces, the structure of the air duct, and the tightness of the dust box are all crucial factors that has to be taken into deliberation.

With the four points mentioned above on how to choose “the one” for you, I believe you would be able to pick a gratifying robot vacuum just for you. I myself am now using the robot vacuum from UONI, which fully meets my needs as a robot vacuum. What's more surprising and totally worth mentioning is that the UONI robot vacuum V980 PLUS has a self-emptying dustbin function, allowing a true hands-free cleaning experience. This design is really satisfying! I fell in love with the robot vacuum and am always astounded by how intelligently it cleans.