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How to choose an intelligent robot vacuum? An intelligent robot vacuum can be evaluated from these four points.

As a convenient cleaning tool, the robot vacuum can perform daily cleaning work, freeing us from housework, saving time and energy. There are blind spots that we cannot reach in terms of cleaning. Instead of being entangled in how to clean more thoroughly, it is better to let the robot vacuum do the cleaning even in areas hard to reach.

 How to choose an intelligent robot vacuum? The UONI vacuum cleaner V980 plus+ is worth a try. Let me introduce it in detail below.

  1. Positioning system

Currently, the most widely used positioning systems in the market can be divided into visual navigation and laser navigation. Visual navigation is more light-sensitive. Visual navigation does not work well in dark places. In the dark, visual navigation system produces many errors, thereby lowering cleaning efficiency. 

On the other hand, laser navigation is more expensive but relatively glitch free. The Uoni vacuum cleaner V980 plus+ uses the Uoni eighth-generation laser navigation system, which can scan the entire house environment at the speed of light without missing any area; with 25 sets of sensors, the vacuum cleaner fully perceives the home environment and realizes optimal path planning. This allows minimal damage done to your home.

  1. Power system

Among several power devices, the brushless motor has the greatest power, the strongest performance, and the lowest sound. At present, the robot vacuums on the market basically use brushless motors. The Uoni vacuum cleaner V980 plus+ uses the Nidec brushless motor imported from Japan, with high power and high speed, a three-stage suction adjustment, and the maximum suction force can reach 2700Pa. Hair, dust, and debris can be easily cleaned, and large particles such as husks, paper scraps, and snack scraps can be vacuumed clean at a higher suction level, leaving no dust and dirt on the floor.

  1. Operational duration

The operational duration depends on the battery, dust box and water tank. As most of the products on the market now have an automatic recharging function, so operation duration is now very much determined by the capacity of the dust box and water tank. Uoni   robot vacuum V980 plus has a battery life of up to 3 hours. The dust box has a capacity of 400ml, which meets the cleaning needs of large houses. It is equipped with a HEAP filter to efficiently purify dust particles and filter allergens to keep the air in your home clean. When you need to mop the floor, you can just attach the 300ml water tank and the mop attachment to the unit. It is able to clean a 200-square-meter floor once it is fully charged.

  1. Intelligent operation

The founding principle of the robot vacuum is convenience. The smarter the operation, the more worry-free. The biggest highlight of the Uoni robot vacuum V980 plus+ is the automatic dust collection function, which has a 30 days capacity without the need of emptying the garbage and cleaning the dust box. The dust box garbage is discharged into the dust bag automatically. The 4.3L large-capacity fiber dust bag is sealed, so that its dust and dirt will not leak from the bag. Simply throw away the dust bag when it is full.

V980 plus+ is equipped with a remote control, which is convenient for families with elderly people at home; it can also function with voice control. When you are not at home, you can remotely control it through the mobile phone APP.

Additionally, the UONI robot vacuum V980 plus+ has a flat design, which can easily clean places that are difficult to reach, such as under the bed and sofa, etc. 

With the intelligent navigation system, strong cleaning power, long operational duration, and user friendly control, Uoni V980 plus+ comes highly recommended. If you are looking for a robot vacuum you can give it a try.