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How to choose an intelligent robot vacuum? Refer to these three standards before making a purchase.

With the increase in consumption levels, people's consumption concepts have also changed. Judging from the analysis of the current purchase data in the home appliance market, people are not only looking at prices when buying products, but paying more attention to the appearance, quality and practicality of the products. Take the robot vacuum as an example. When you buy a robot vacuum, you will refer to certain purchase standards. Let’s look at them together.

  1. Intelligence

At present, the robot vacuum has two cleaning path methods: random cleaning and planned cleaning. Random cleaning refers to where the robot vacuum goes, the cleaning route is chaotic, and the cleaning efficiency is not ideal. The planned cleaning means that the robot vacuum can perceive the surrounding environment when cleaning, know where it is, and can plan the cleaning route in advance before cleaning. Its intelligence is higher than the random type and can effectively avoid missed cleaning.

  1. Detection induction system

The detection sensor system allows the robot vacuum to have the ability to perceive the environment, and avoid obstacles nimbly, guaranteeing a long service life for the robot vacuum . The V980 Plus is equipped with 25 sets of sensors. Ground environment monitoring, obstacle avoidance, laser sensing, fall prevention, etc. It can achieve precise obstacle avoidance during the cleaning process, protecting the furniture, your furry friends and yourself at the same time.

  1. Ease of use

The ease of use of the robot vacuum mainly depends on three points. Firstly, the thickness of its body. The thickness of the current robot vacuum is generally between 7cm-12cm. If the thickness of the body is thicker than the average gap distance between the bottom of the bed or the bottom of the sofa, it will not be able to clean underneath low areas. Secondly, whether the robot vacuum can obey the settings of restricted areas. This function prevents the robot vacuum from entering a wet environment which may affect the stable performance of the robot vacuum and allows you to designate areas which you do not want your vacuum robot to interfere with. Thirdly, whether it is possible to set a working schedule. With this function, you can freely set the working time of the robot vacuum.

The vacuum cleaner V980 Plus+ is equipped with the advanced ASAR-V9 dynamic path planning system and the eighth-generation laser navigation system technology, which can achieve precise indoor positioning and autonomous navigation, while efficiently plans the cleaning route. What's more satisfying is that it has an automatic dust collection function. After cleaning, it will clean up the dirt in the dust box. This ensures the robot vacuum to work efficiently and also eliminates the hassle of cleaning the dust box manually. You can also set a regular cleaning time according to your own schedule with the APP.