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How to choose an intelligent robot vacuum? The choice with below two tips are alright

How to choose an intelligent robot vacuum? The choice with below two tips are alright

In my opinion, convenience and cleaning efficiency are the two top considerations when choosing a robot vacuum.

The robot vacuum must be user friendly and take over the mundane cleaning tasks from us. There are so many types of robot vacuum in the market. Most are only able to handle dry vacuum suction cleaning but cannot do anything about stubborn stains and stains that require wet mopping.

Let me share with you from my recent personal experience as to how I choose an intelligent robot vacuum.

Strong suction and efficient cleaning

There is no doubt if the vacuum suction power is strong, the cleaning efficiency will be higher.  The higher the suction power, the more and faster dust, debris and dirt can be sucked in. At present, the suction power of most robot vacuums in the market ranges between 1500~2200Pa. Some robot vacuums have suction power above 2200Pa. However, it is not just about an infinite amplification of suction power, suction power must be considered together with battery life, noise level control and whether the robot vacuum is able to choose different suction modes/power to meet different cleaning environments and needs.

Intelligently plan cleaning route

Robot vacuums have navigation system that is able to plan and map cleaning route accurately in advance. This, of course is a great improvement from the traditional random collision navigation of the now obsolete robot vacuum. Robot vacuum plans and maps cleaning route by using intelligent algorithm. High end robot vacuum such as the I Robot and Uoni V980 plus are able to map the whole house and plan the cleaning route ensuring no area in the house is missed out in the cleaning process. Uoni V980 plus moves in a Z shape orientation ensuring no part of house is missed.

Automatic garbage disposal, greatly freeing your hands

The main problem of the convention robot vacuum is that it is very troublesome to clean the dust box.  After the conventional robot vacuum has completely cleaned the house, dust and dirt in the dust box need to be removed into the trash can manually. If you happen to be allergic to dusts you will need to be extra careful by wearing a mask.  Although it seems simple, it will inevitably be dusty and is quite annoying with all the unwanted dust flying around you again when you clean out the dust box. If you forget to clean the dust box, the robot vacuum will drag trash and all the accumulated dust around staining and distributing dust on the floor as well as turning the robot vacuum itself into a dusty friend.

So having a robot vacuum that can automatically clean up the dust box is really convenient to use and allows more time for day-to-day activities other than cleaning your floor, as well as spending precious time with our loved ones truly grasping every moment while we can.

Robot vacuum V980 + that can automatically dispose dust and dirt

The Uoni V980 plus has excellent cleaning efficacy and it affords great user convenience. It comes with a original Japanese imported NIDEC brushless motor with suction power of up to 2700pa, that can clean hair, dust, pet furs, nut shells and debris thoroughly. There are 3 suction modes that can be adjusted according to the floor surface and dirt or debris to be cleaned.

It has a built-in ASAR-V9 dynamic path planning system exclusively designed and developed by Uoni. It has a complete intelligent planning system that analyzes and plans cleaning route and conditions.  It is able to automatically switch between suitable cleaning modes depending on the condition and the cleaning route. And its Z shape moving orientation ensures that no part of the house is missed.

ASAR-V9 allows the robot vacuum to intuitively perform overall planning of the cleaning route and accurately locate obstacles. It ensures that the robot vacuum does not run randomly and reduces missed cleaning areas and repetitions. It will clean the entire house thoroughly; a clean home is a happy home.

Uoni V980 plus comes with a self-emptying dustbin, that automatically discharge dust and dirt from the robot vacuum to a filter dust bag in the self-emptying dust bin. The 4.3L dust bag can hold 30 days of daily dust and dirt and only need to be thrown out once a month. Voila!! No more having to manually clean the dust box. Furthermore, when the dust bag in the self-emptying dustbin is full, an indicator light will remind you that it is time to throw the dust bag!

The robot vacuum can also be operated by APP to return to the charging station or also known as the self-emptying dustbin to quickly clean up the dust box. Uoni V980 plus has perfectly integrated the charging station into the self-emptying dustbin, so when the robot vacuum is disposing its dust and dirt, the robot vacuum can also return to be re- charged.

Uoni V980 plus with its up to date and sophisticated technology especially its self-emptying dustbin feature has attracted many fans. With decades of innovatory and futuristic technical research and revolutionary upgrades, along with its smashing sales records and loud applauds from fans. It would definitely be a buy you would not want to miss.