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In the present competitive environment, what might be the future direction of robot vacuums?

What are the three incredibly useful household gadgets of the modern family? Not surprisingly, washing machines, dishwashers, and robot vacuums are definitely at the top of the list because they save people from repetitive and mundane household chores.

Among those household gadgets, robot vacuums are desirable because they can perform cleaning chores at command with buttons and voice control. Robot vacuums have become more popular as the increasing demand for “Automated Cleaning Products”. Along with the recent trends of pet keeping, the robot vacuum industry is stimulated and growing rapidly, and more brands continue to emerge. 

The entry of many players has accelerated the development of technology while also putting the robot vacuum industry into a competitive environment. Robot vacuums are expected to provide not only vacuum function but vacuum and mop combos. They should be able to wash their mop cloth and automatically dispose dust. What will be the future direction of the robot vacuum?

Breakthrough in technology and innovation

As a global brand that focuses on smart home cleaning robots, Uoni notices customers’ priority of deep cleaning, especially for families with pets. But current robot vacuums in the market cannot meet specific expectations because the mop cloth capacity is limited, which is only suitable for basic daily cleaning. Otherwise, water needs to be added frequently.

In order to bring customers to a higher level of smart cleaning experience, the UONI R&D team adheres to the attitude of excellence. From the first draft design to prototyping, the UONI’s team

dedicates itself to designing the best robot vacuum. After numerous modifications and tests, UONI A1 Pro, a real-time self-cleaning robot vacuum with the ability to automatically change the mop water, has been successfully developed. UONI A1 Pro is a breakthrough innovation in the robot vacuum market.

UONI A1 Pro pioneered the UDeep Clean ™ AIR-H22O deep cleaning system. The usage of a roller brush-type mop allows users to clean the floor deeply. UONI A1 Pro’s cleaning system is specially designed to automatically clean mop cloth during the cleaning process. The all-time clean mop cloth avoids dirtying the floor when you are mopping.

UONI A1 Pro has also re-configurated its all-round base station, featuring an automatic dust collection system, roller brush deep cleaning system, water filtration system, electrolytic water sterilization, automatic recharge, and hot air drying. Dust and dirt disposal, brush cleaning, and other tasks which used to be done with hands, are now all automated. Giving birth to a truly hands-free experience of the best robot vacuum.

Industry insiders said, "From an industry’s perspective, UONI A1 Pro can be said to be a new product, from the user's point of view it is a quantum leap in performance. UONI A1 Pro will definitely cause an uproar in the current robot vacuum market."

Navigation and barrier avoidance is the core 

Robot vacuums rely on laser navigation and visual navigation system. The technique of laser navigation is more advanced and has advantages in positioning and mapping accuracy. However, there’s a common problem with robot vacuums equipped with laser navigation. The raised laser head increases the height of the robot vacuum’s body and will stop the robot vacuum from passing underneath furniture with low clearance.

To overcome this problem, UONI adopts the "hidden" radar solution by sinking the navigation system into the body to make a robot vacuum’s body thinner. This innovation not only expands the cleaning range but prevents it from getting trapped. UONI A1 Pro significantly reduces the mechanical failure rate by 80%, which is one of the brand’s highlights to stand out from other similar products.

In addition to the navigation system, barrier-avoidance capabilities are also essential for a robot vacuum. UONI A1 Pro has adopted the ULineLaser™ 3D detection barrier avoidance system, giving more accurate and efficient ranging, intelligent sensing, and barrier avoidance decisions.  

With the improved navigation system and barrier avoidance technology, UONI A1 Pro is one of the best robot vacuums with excellent performance.

According to Zhong Bo, founder and Chief Product Officer, "There is no end to the exploration and development of products because the needs and demands of customers are constantly changing. To maintain the leading position of brands and products in the industry, the team needs to be dynamic enough and conscious of users’ needs. The launch of the UONI A1 Pro is the answer from our R&D team to the market.”

From a long-term perspective, a robot vacuum is in a rapidly developing industry where competitors may copy product’s functions. Therefore, creating a technological barrier through new product definitions and design concepts and constantly innovating by exploring deeper into technology are the most stable and long-lasting shields in this industry.

UONI is a user-friendly product developer with deep technical background as the cornerstone. In the future competitive market, UONI will steadily grow into a more influential global brand.