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Is it necessary to buy a robot vacuum? Sharing from first-hand experience

Is it necessary to buy a robot vacuum? Sharing from first-hand experience

Most of the reasons for having questions about the need to buy a robot vacuum are concerns about its practicality. On the one hand, the robot vacuum may not be able to meet the needs of high standard users, so some feel that it is not necessary to have one. On the other hand, the upgraded version of the smart robot vacuum has indeed relieved households from the mundane task of daily cleaning, thus many are saying it is a must-have.

Ultimately, is it worth it?

Robot vacuums are not equivalent to housekeepers

If you're expecting the robot vacuum to replace a housekeeper, you're sure to be disappointed. Because the operating concept of the robot vacuum is custom programmed, allowing it to maintain quantitative cleaning and ensuring your home floors are in a constant dust-free state, which means that dust, confetti, and other smaller particles can be cleaned in time.

Carpet cleaning made easy

Older generation robot cleaners were limited to hard floor use, when faced with carpet areas they had to be specially set up no-go zones to prevent them from entering. Now, most robot vacuums have made targeted improvements that will automatically increase the suction power when carpets are detected. The amount of dust and debris that it picks up will truly shock you and you might never want to leave your carpet alone again.

Adjustable noise levels

Most of us are skeptic towards the noise produced by robot vacuums when they start working, but mainstream robot vacuums are equipped with noise reduction technology, keeping the noise decibels within the acceptable range. And if you would just like to enjoy a quiet moment once you are home and not to be bothered with such noises, you can set a scheduled cleaning while you are out or at work. This way, you won’t be disturbed and will enjoy clean floors when you get home. Of course, the precondition is that your home is not all messed up without even having space for walking, furniture should be orientated, and the floor should be clear of clothes, socks, children’s toys.

Obviously, if you can keep your home tidy in moderation, the robot vacuum will be the icing on the cake; if you use it as an aid to clean everyday dust and debris, it can greatly reduce the frequent need for manual cleaning, matching your needs like a key to lock.

Through the vast and rapid development of the robot vacuum industry, different brands and types of robot vacuums are emerging. As one who has travelled down and experienced the long history of robot vacuums, be it good or bad, here is our best pick, we recommend the V980 plus with self-emptying dustbin by UONI. How practical is it?

Automatic dust collection, no more dirty hands

The UONI V980 plus, the best robot cleaner is configured with an automatic dust collection system innovation, the design of which is similar to that of a trash can. The size is relatively moderate and will not occupy too much space. It is internally paired with a 4.3L large-capacity dust bag for storing garbage extracted from the dust box. Just a lift on dust bag inserts and you will be able to easily remove the dust bag, leaving no chance for your hands to come into contact with dust and debris, which is truly hygienic. Large-capacity dust bags also have the added benefit of supporting cleanups for up to a month, eliminating the hassle of repeatedly clearing out the dust box waste on a daily basis.

The entire dust collection process that is completed mainly through the built-in 1000W super powered suction fan usually takes about 10 seconds to complete, achieving a dust collection rate as high as 99%.

Intelligent route planning and cleaning

Our best robot vacuum The UONI V980 plus has a "brain" like no other - the eighth-generation laser navigation system, the "little hat" on top of the robot vacuum body. During initial cleaning, it allows the robot vacuum to quickly familiarize with the layout of the home while efficiently mapping the cleaning.

After completing the routing and mapping, the UONI V980 Plus will clean the whole house according to the calculated plan. Through the APP, you will be able to monitor the cleaning progress in real time. The Z-shaped routing allows for more efficient cleaning, preventing missing out any dust and debris.

The UONI V980 Plus will detect carpets and intelligently increases the suction force for deep cleaning, leaving the lurking dirt and dust particles nowhere to hide. If it encounters an obstacle, it is quick witted enough to turn around and actively avoid it thanks to its full-body configuration of 25 sets of sensors.

Antibacterial wet mopping

In terms of wet mopping, the best robot cleaner UONI V980 Plus implementation is very simple: attach the antibacterial mopping cloth to the water tank, and then slide horizontally into the bottom of the dust box.

In addition, the mopping cloth equipped with antibacterial features allows water stains, fruit juice, beverages, and other daily dirt to be cleaned efficiently. It is also worth mentioning that the mopped floors are appropriately slightly wet, allowing rapid drying of the floors and avoiding the growth of bacteria.

However, it takes some time to completely wet the mopping cloth as it requires some time for the water to seep through the mop cloth from the water tank. And it is recommended to wet the mopping cloth beforehand for best results. 

The UONI V980 Plus is highly intelligent and undeniably practical. Stop wasting your precious time and energy on mundane daily cleaning task and start enjoying life!