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Liberty State Park Campaign for Father's Day

Liberty State Park Campaign for Father's Day

Friday, June 25, 2021, 11:25 p.m. EDT

A father’s love is deep and reserved. It plays a very strong role in guiding the lives of every child and is the symbol of bravery and dignity.

While the love fathers express to their children is concealed, they hope to hear open and generous expression of love from their family members. Uoni hosted a party on the theme of Father’s Day at the Liberty State Park from 3:00-5:00 p.m. on 20th of this month. The goal was to give fathers a sweet and unforgettable Father’s Day, as well as create an opportunity for fathers and children to bond and express their love for each other.

We would also like to wish every father around the world, Happy Father’s Day!  

Mothers and children each expressed their blessings and good wishes to the fathers, wished them Happy Father’s Day and looked forward to growing up together in the future.    

Yuanxiao and Sweet Tangyuan: “Happy Father’s Day, dad! APEX and I will carry you in the future!”

I am nine months old and can already say dadadadada! I like it when daddy carries me on his shoulders and when I hold on to your hair tightly as I look far off into the distance……Just as I expected, even though you are short-tempered, you treat me with respect and satisfy my every demand, I will spend every Father’s Day with you in the future. (Maggie)

 Baby Hailuo: Daddy, Happy Father’s Day! I love to eat breakfast prepared by daddy after I wake up in the morning. I like to spend time with daddy playing football and watching football matches. Daddy, you work very hard, and mommy and I love you.

Dad’s first Father’s Day!. I like to play like I am daddy’s Simba and have him lift me up high into the air. I like to be held by my dad while I crawl around on his chest, and I really like it when he sings lullabies to me when I can’t sleep. I am so happy to have such a father that loves me. One day when I learn to speak, I will tell you, “Happy Father’s Day, daddy! I love you! (Jason)

The Moving Moment of the Drawing

After presenting their good wishes, the final best part of the program came—giving gifts to fathers. During this offline activity, a very moving drawing was added to the program. Three fathers were selected from the drawing to receive a Uoni robot vacuum cleaner. This will free dad’s hands to care more for their children. While the dads participated in the drawing, mothers collected the prizes—reasonable division of tasks. We hope that the products given away in the drawing can free up the time and energy of the fathers and mothers who got the prize to spend more time with their children—this is the ideology of Uoni in hosting this activity, so that people can live in a loving home that is furnished with smart furniture.   

Father’s love is like a mountain, on which those mothers and children who look up to them can, under their leading, experience countless happiness and enjoy spectacular views from the mountain top. We hope that each dad can enjoy a life full of good health and peace, and slowly walk through the long path of life holding the hands of their wives and precious children.