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Robot Vacuums Made the Distribution of Housework Easier

For a long time, women have shouldered more burdens of housework. In the wake of the covid 19 outbreak, working from home has also increased the amount of housework. In an April 2020 survey conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, New York University, and the University of Texas at Austin, nearly 80 percent of mothers said they were the primary responsible person for household chores, comparing with 28 percent of fathers surveyed.

The researchers also found that 76 percent of the mothers that were working from home spent more time doing housework while only 43 percent of fathers did the same.

Why are women expected to do housework? This is mainly because the “family” is strictly classified as the private sector in which women are not paid for domestic work within the family. Their value is repeatedly underestimated, ignored, and not recognized by society and the family. In a sense, domestic work has become a secret contract between women and themselves, hidden behind every door.

But in a stable family and marriage, both sides are equal, and love is based on that equality. Work and housework are forms of work for the family. One party works, the other party takes on a little more housework is understandable only if both sides recognize and respect this kind of arrangement, mutual understanding of tolerance and pressure of work, and the triviality of life. In reality, however, many couples are prone to quarrels due to the poor distribution of household chores.

It is believed that for most people, cleaning is the most tedious and boring part of domestic work, especially floor cleaning because it must be repeated almost every day. But with the development of science and technology, more and more brands pay attention to solve the problem of home hygiene cleaning, hoping that convenient

cleaning tools such as robot vacuum cleaners can bring consumers a more relaxing and enjoyable home experience, among which UONI ( is a typical representative.

As everyone who has used it knows, most of the robot vacuums in the market today can replace manual cleaning, but the human intervention rate is still very high throughout the experience. As a global brand focusing on intelligent home cleaning robot vacuums, the R&D team values the user experience and is committed to reducing user involvement through innovations that enhance the “maintenance-free” capabilities of robot vacuum to make products better serve consumers.

It is understood that relying on the huge customer population feedback and the actual household use, the R&D team understood users’ frustration with dust box cleaning, from taking out dust boxes, dumping garbage, cleaning dirty dust box to install dust box. These series of steps not only must be done manually, but also are easy to cause minor pollution in the house. In response to this point of concern, the UONI R&D team developed UONI V980 Plus—the best robot vacuum V980 with automatic dust collection system. With one click, this robot vacuum can empty dust boxes of garbage, seal, and store dirt. The dust bag can last up to one month, giving consumers more time to enjoy life.

V980 Plus is well accepted by a vast number of consumers. To date, the automatic dust-collecting robot cleaner V980 plus global shipments have exceeded 100,000 units.

In terms of cleaning, the UONI A1 Pro has directly moved away from the traditional flaky mopping method and instead uses a roller-brushed mopping cloth.

In the research and development of real-time self-cleaning technology, not only can it quickly remove dirt on the floor, but also can it wash the mopping cloth while mopping the floor, eliminating manually washing the mop cloth. It also avoids the trouble of “the longer the mopping, the dirtier it gets”.

In the base station function setting, automatic dust collection is as standard. The UONI A1 Pro base station also expanded to clean the roller brush, water filtration cycle, electrolytic water sterilization, automatic recharge and hot air drying, effectively achieving six-in-one. The new base station is truly the all-round “player”. Thus, from cleaning to dust & dirt disposal, from mopping to mop cloth cleaning and drying, this robot vacuum does not need human intervention at all. The “hands free” experience is not just all empty talk.

In terms of navigation and barrier avoidance, the UONI A1 Pro ( is innovatively equipped with DTOF hidden lidar and AI-line laser barrier avoidance technology. Appearance wise, its navigation module has a unique sunk in design that reduces the body height of the robot vacuum to 9.5cm, greatly reducing stuck rates, unlocking more low clearance areas of home, and improving cleaning coverage. In addition, it also plays a protective role, effectively reducing the malfunction rate of the radar.

The Founder and Chief Product Officer Zhong Bo said, “The V980 plus, an automatic dust collecting robot vacuum, has been successful, mainly because it meets the real needs of users and gives everyone a more convenient cleaning solution than traditional robot vacuum in a fast-paced life. It is also an important driver of team innovation. The introduction of the UONI A1 Pro has no doubt proven that UONI will stretch the limits, as far as smart home appliances are concerned, to creating the most ideal robot vacuum, dedicating to save the world from being drenched in cumbersome household chores and make everyone truly enjoy the precious moments in life”.

This year, UONI has launched a new blockbuster—the UONI A1 Pro,the world’s first real-time self-cleaning mopping robot vacuum. It took three years to develop this masterpiece, taking consumers’ needs into the development consideration. And maintenance-free aspects of the mopping robot vacuum took on a new comprehensive innovation and upgrading.