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What Are the Misconceptions to Avoid When Using a Robot Vacuum?

What Are the Misconceptions to Avoid When Using a Robot Vacuum?

As more and more people use robot vacuums, a lot of feedback has been received about the intermittent occurrence of various glitches. In fact, this is not entirely due to the quality of the robot. It may just be due to improper use of the robot, resulting in awkward situations. When using a robot vacuum, what kind of misconceptions should be avoided?

Misconception #1: The robot vacuum scurries around the first time it is turned on

Don't panic when this happens; it’s a normal part of the process. This is the first time the robot vacuum cleaner works in an environment that is unfamiliar to it. It has to go around and learn about the space conditions by moving around and recording the route. Two to three days after adaptation, the robot will automatically carry out cleaning tasks in an orderly manner.

Misconception #2: Only cleaning the dust box, no other maintenance is needed

When we perform maintenance on the robot vacuum, we clean the dust box dirt. It is necessary to regularly check the side brushes and main brush at the bottom to see if there is hair or lint tangled. If not taken care of for a long time, it will affect its cleaning effect, and in severe cases, the sweeping robot may be early "retirement.”

Understanding the right way to use a robot vacuum can help resolve the confusion. However, buying a robot vacuum can be a difficult decision for a novice, as there is a vast range of quality and prices in the market. We recommend an automatic dirt collection robot V980+ that  consumers highly recommend. What is its performance? Let's take a look.

Cleaning housekeeper: automatic dirt collection, in place in one step

In the past, many consumers have complained about the trouble of cleaning the dust box, the inconvenience of dumping garbage as dust would be in the air while doing so. The V980+ has a tailor-made dust collection system to solve this common problem users face. With the support of a 1000W superpower motor, the robot vacuum cleaner can actively collect dirt in the dust box, the whole process is sealed, and the dust collection rate is as high as 99%, which is why it’s the best robot vacuum for pet hair.

Open the lid of the dust collector; the white dust bag is inserted inside the bin. The dust bag has a capacity of 4.3L, which can hold about a month's worth of garbage at a time, and the bin will automatically remind you that the dust bag is full, and it locks when you lift it, so there is no dust exposure throughout, which is very thoughtful.

Smart intelligence: accurate positioning, efficient cleaning

The navigation system can be said to be the brain of the robot vacuum cleaner, and laser navigation has become the standard for high-end robots. The Uoni V980+ is upgraded with the 8th generation of laser navigation technology, which will scan the whole house for 360° positioning in the initial cleaning, which not only allows the robot to understand all corners of the home better but also makes the room building map more accurate, so it can know where it is at all times in future cleaning.

In addition, it also breaks the limit of the previous robot vacuums that can only remember one map. Instead it can restore more than one map, which is very friendly to the duplex family. Even if you change floors, you do not have to rebuild the map, directly match the cleaning history to restore the map, switch with the current one, and thus the cleaning efficiency is higher.

APP management: Ready to be assigned anytime, at your command

Now controlling smart appliances with cell phones is no longer new, and the Uoni V980+ is no exception. By connecting to the exclusive APP, you can not only set the room cleaning restricted area, adjust the cleaning suction, and schedule cleaning, but also keep track of the cleaning progress of the robot and track where it had been cleaned and where it had not at a glance.

Of course, if you don't want to do it yourself, you can call out to Alexa, Google Assistant," robot, start cleaning, “you can also quickly wake up the robot from standby mode to start cleaning sessions.

Today, the Uoni V980+ automatic dust collection robot vacuum has served thousands of households, and it is also the first choice for many novice users. If you happen to be considering buying the best robot vacuum and mop, Uoni will not let you down.

From Science Fiction to Real-Life: How Much Do You Know About the Robot Vacuums?

From Science Fiction to Real-Life: How Much Do You Know About the Robot Vacuums?

In 2008, Pixar Animation Studios launched the story over 800 years; human society is highly advanced in technology, but the Earth's environment has been and is no longer suitable for human life, hence humankind’s departure from Earth. A robot named WALL-E is programmed to clean up the garbage from the earth year after year. Later, WALL-E finds a new green plant in the devastated earth.

At that very moment, many audiences are moved by the perseverance of this little robot, and some, even in the future, will have robots that clean their houses instead of having to do household chores on their own. Today, reverie has become a reality. More are using technology-based products to do daily tasks on their behalf—a perfect example of a robot vacuum cleaner. However, many consumers do not know much about robot vacuums, so we have compiled several robot vacuum FAQs for your reference today.

Q1: Can robot vacuums clean water stains in kitchens and bathrooms?

A: Robot vacuums consist of many electronic parts. Although high-end sweeping robots are waterproof, long-term contact with water will affect the lifespan and durability of the machine. Therefore, contact with water should be avoided at all costs to durability.

Q2: How effective is the robot vacuum?

A: High-end robot vacuum cleaners can achieve more than a 95% cleaning rate when working. As one of the smartest home appliances, the current mainstream robot vacuum can easily get under the bed, sofa, and other furniture and clean as one would expect. It can clean along the edges when it is directed towards a wall. In addition, high-end robot vacuums can also detect dirt, identify the extent of dirt, with the sole design of cleaning it.

Q3: For a house that has multiple floors, can the robot fall down when cleaning the upper floors?

A: The high-end floor robot vacuums are equipped with cliff sensors at the bottom, equivalent to human eyes. After detecting stairs or a height lower than that determined by its system (generally about 10cm) as safe, the robot will flexibly avoid and protect itself.

Q4: Will the robot vacuum cause scratches and damages to the floor while it is running?

A: A qualified robot vacuum cleaner will pay close attention to design details, generally using soft plastic as the side wheel and its cleaning mechanism similar to vacuum cleaners, so it will not cause damage to floors when cleaning. In other words, they are safe and reliable. Reading the four answers above about the robot vacuum must have changed a lot of past assumptions about it. It should be noted that different brands of robot vacuums have differences in performance configuration, which directly affects the user experience. If you want to choose a recommended robot vacuum, the convenient cleaning experience brought by the automatic dust collection robot vacuum and mop Uoni V980plus+ is highly commendable.

Comprehensive smart cleaning

The best robot vacuum for pet hair V980+ is equipped with the original Japanese NIDEC brushless motor, which is recognized as the best in performance in the industry. Its suction power can reach up to 2700 Pa. The bilateral side brushes and V-shaped floating roller main brush can quickly suck up the dust on the ground when cleaning, and it can also sweep the large particles of garbage and hair all at once for efficient cleaning. In addition, it also supports three levels of suction power adjustment for different scenarios on demand to choose for cleaning.

Furthermore, the V980+ also comes with a standard dirt collection charging stand, equivalent to the sweeper's "back-office staff." That means each sweep will actively transport the dust box waste to the internal dust bag, not only to eliminate the trouble of manual cleaning but also to avoid polluting the air. The dust bags can last up to a month or so before it is being replaced, so it's hassle-free.

Advanced navigation and obstacle-detection technology

Without a good navigation system, from a vacuum cleaner. The best robot vacuum and mop Uoni has been designed with a customized navigation system, and so is the V980plus+.

It is equipped with the 8th generation laser navigation system, which means it can perform 360° comprehensive scanning around the house, allowing it to automatically identify the layout of the rooms, and accurately build a complete home cleaning map. Meanwhile, with 25 groups of sensors all over its body, it can sensitively and accurately detect its surrounding environment and obstacles. For example, when passing the stairway, it will sense to clean and then turn around in time to avoid falling and causing possible damage.

Long-lasting endurance for the whole house

The battery life of common robot vacuums is one of their shortcomings, which translates to multiple charging sessions needed, affecting the cleaning efficiency. The V980+ is equipped with a 5200mAh large capacity Li-ion battery, which can last up to 3 hours, which is very friendly to large households and causes no disruptions in cleaning the entire house at once.

If it runs out of power in the middle of the process, there is no need to worry, because it will automatically return to the dust collector dock for recharging, and then resume cleaning right where it left off after the battery has been replenished.

After learning more about it, you can see the true capability of the V980+ automatic dust collection robot vacuum. Moreover, in terms of value, it is also very durable when placed casually at home, so grab hold of it and experience the happiness technology brings!

How to Determine Whether a Robot Vacuum Is Good or Bad?

How to Determine Whether a Robot Vacuum Is Good or Bad?

With the dawn of the smart home era, high technology smart home appliances such as robot vacuums cleaners have gained popularity among more families, bringing great convenience to household cleaning. However, the increasing number of brands on the market has left many consumers with the problem of choosing a suitable one. Even if they compared it to three others, they might not be able to choose the right one. Today, we will teach you how to distinguish between a good and a bad robot vacuum.


One: Look at the cleaning ability

When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, the product should prioritize the cleaning ability. The performance of this ability is mainly related to the suction power of the motor. The greater the suction power, the better the cleaning effect, but it will increase the power consumption and noise that comes with it. As long as the robot can smoothly suck and clean the dirt on the ground, there is no need to pursue high suction power overly.


Two: Look at the planning ability

When a robot vacuum is in operation, it automatically detects the surrounding environment. Planning is particularly crucial for the cleaning task to be carried out smoothly. Currently, the mainstream robot vacuum that provides the planning function allows the robot to know where it is, where it needs to be cleaned, and where it has already been cleaned.


Today’s most popular navigation mode on the market is LDS laser navigation and visual navigation. By comparison, the positioning accuracy of LDS laser navigation is better than visual navigation, the technology is more mature, and the path planning ability is more potent.


Three: Look at the obstacle recognition ability

When faced with a complex home environment, if the robot vacuum cleaner cannot respond sensitively, it will easily cause frequent knocking against the furniture. It will also rush straight down when passing the stairway, damaging both the furniture and the machine itself.


Therefore, a competent robot vacuum must have the ability to identify obstacles. How to determine whether its obstacle recognition ability is good or bad? Focus on an important parameter: the type of sensors configured - the more the sensor type, the stronger the ability to detect and protect itself.


With the comprehensive evaluation of the three aspects above, we can filter some of the products that do not perform well when buying a robot vacuum. If the question is whether there is a robot vacuum worth buying, from the perspective of the market and user feedback, the Uoni V980+ automatic dust-collecting robot vacuum—best robot vacuum for pet hair, would be a good choice.  The next step is to take everyone along to feel its " housekeeper " cleaning experience.


Powerful suction, easily handles dirt

The V980+ is equipped with a NIDEC brushless motor originally from Japan, releasing a strong suction power of 2700 Pa. The cooperation of bilateral side brushes can quickly sweep dirt or dust on the ground. In addition, the V-shaped floating roller main brush at the bottom can better fit into the crevices of the floor for detailed cleaning. Overall, the cleaning effect is no less than that of a professional vacuum cleaner.


When it comes to carpets, Uoni V980+ will automatically boost its suction power for deep cleaning; if it detects more dust on the ground, it will also intelligently switch the cleaning mode to focus on this area to achieve optimal cleaning.


Docked dust collection, automatic garbage disposal

When using a conventional robot vacuum, cleaning the dust box manually after each cleaning can be somewhat unbearable, especially for people who are particular about cleanliness. The Uoni V980+ automatically empties the dust box and collects the dirt into the inner disposable dust bag. Although the entire dust collection process will produce a loud noise, the cleaning time is typically about 10 seconds, so do not worry about disturbing your rest at home.


And, the dust bag is also designed with thoughtful features. On the one hand, the dust bag has a large capacity of 4.3L, which means you can last for 30 days without having to maintain the dust box cleaning; on the other hand, there is a handle designed at the side dust collection port, which instantly seals the dust bag when picked up, not only does it not dirty your hands but also avoids secondary pollution, so you no longer have to put up with the discomfort of garbage.


Intelligent navigation, flexible and efficient planning

As a tech-driven product, robot vacuum has demanding technical requirements. The V980+ is designed to keep up with cutting-edge technology in hardware configuration and application. Through the composition of the new eighth generation of laser navigation technology, the Uoni V980 + can achieve accurate positioning in a complex home environment, even if it runs to the bottom of the bed, sofa, and other low areas, it will not get lost, and it will identify the right direction to "slip out.”


The initial launch will simultaneously draw a map of the entire house while cleaning and then clean it in an orderly manner according to the U-shaped path, which is relatively hassle-free. In addition, it is also equipped with 25 groups of sensors around the body; halfway through the session, if it comes across obstacles, it will be sensitive and quick to respond to avoid them, and it will not stumble when it comes to the legs of tables and chairs. Still, it will clean around the edge to ensure that it is not left out.


Be it the cleaning, planning, or the obstacle recognition ability, the Uoni V980 + performance is remarkable, especially the automatic dust collection function, a key to achieving the "self-emptying" features, to a greater extent to save the time of manual intervention and maintenance, it is very friendly to mothers and those who seek for convenience.