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The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner in 2021 – Comparing The Four High-quality Robot Vacuum Cleaners

New York City, NY – At present, intelligent robot vacuums have become an indispensable part of every household. With the increase of public demand, a confusing selection of choices of robot vacuum cleaners have been introduced into the market. Faced with all these choices, what are the best robots vacuums in 2021? Here are four robot vacuum recommendations with excellent overall performance.

1. UONI Robot Vacuum V980 Plus

 Robot Vacuum V980 Plus is a popular product under UONI flag. It not only sweeps and mops together, but also “disposes of trash by itself.” Equipped with a new 8th generation laser navigation system, V980 Plus can accurately and efficiently mark out a house cleaning map.  Installing a mopping module will provide both sweeping and mopping functions which further improves the cleaning efficiency. The Robot Vacuum V980 Plus is also equipped with an automatic dust collection system.  After the cleaning task is completed, it will automatically return to the base and empty the dust box in 10 seconds. The dust collection rate is as high as 99.9% and the dust bin holds 4.3L.  The dust bin can hold up to a month of dirt, hair and dust and when full, it can be disposed with your trash.


2. iRobot vacuum robot

The iRobot Roomba S9+ has a unique D-shaped appearance that is very eye-catching. With the PerfectEdge® patented technology with 3D sensor, it can get deep into the corners. The special angled five-claw edge brush can easily sweep in dirt. After cleaning, it will automatically dispose of dust by returning to the charging stand and transferring the garbage in the dust box into the disposable dust bag. However, this vacuum robot only has a vacuum function, and users who need to mop the floor have to purchase a mopping robot separately.

3. Roborock vacuum robot

The biggest highlight of Roborock S7 is that it uses a sonic vibration mop. The manufacturer claims that the mop vibrates 3000 times per minute, which can effectively mop dry stains on the ground. In addition, it has also added ultrasonic carpet recognition technology. When the sweeping robot touches the carpet, it will automatically lift the mop to prevent the carpet from getting wet. Both of these two major designs greatly enhance the mopping experience. However, due to the vibration of the mopping component, the robot’s ability to detect and overcome obstacles is easily affected.

4. Neato vacuum robot

The Neato vacuum robot D6 uses the 6th generation laser navigation system, which can effectively identify obstacles and establish a cleaning map. When cleaning, D6 can utilize 2500Pa strong suction power, and with the V-shaped roller brush with rubber filament, it can easily sweep dust in gaps. Moreover, this vacuum robot is equipped with a large and wide wear-resistant mop, which can cover a larger area, satisfying both dry and wet mopping. Neato vacuum robot D6 has a built-in 700ml dust collection box which is smaller than some other models requiring more frequent attention.  although it reduces the number of times to take out the garbage, but generally, it must be cleaned manually from time to time, to prevent breeding of bacteria.

These four vacuum robots each have different features, designs and advantages. Choose among these recommended options which offers the features which best meet your needs.

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