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What Are The Pros and Cons of Robot Vacuums?

What Are The Pros and Cons of Robot Vacuums?

Smart home appliances have become the talk of the town, and many have said that it is causing us to be “lazy”. To put it more accurately, it should be said that it saves so much time and energy. Robot vacuum cleaner is the new black horse in the small home appliances category, gaining much attention because of its intelligent clean floor sanitation that’s capturing the hearts of many young consumers. However, robot vacuums are not perfect since they come with a fair share of both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of robot vacuums

  1. No need for manual operation. Just a click away from cleaning, intelligent obstacle avoidance, saving time and effort. User friendly even for the elderly.
  1. Easily cleaning and maneuvering in hard-to-reach areas such as underneath sofas and beds, picking up all those hidden dust that has been lurking around for decades.
  1. Schedule cleaning that allows users to come home to a squeaky-clean floor.
  1. Long lasting battery life that meets the needs of large area cleaning. If midway cleaning battery runs low, it will automatically go back to charge.Once it is fully charged, it will continue cleaning from where it stopped.

The shortcomings of robot vacuums

  1. There is a set height limit to which robot vacuums can go underneath furniture. Thus, before purchasing a robot vacuum, it is best to measure the relevant heights of your home furniture.
  1. Larger debris, garbage or heavy wet garbage cannot be cleaned such as paper balls and kitchen waste byrobot vacuums.
  1. Robot vacuums are built in batteries thus it is not recommended to be used in for toilets, kitchens, and other humid areas as it might damage the robot vacuum.
  1. The cleaning operation process will inevitably produce noises. Some robot vacuums produce relatively loud noises, affecting rest and work.

After listing out these points, I believe that we have an objective understanding of robot vacuums. But in the face of so many choices, it is not easy to choose an ideal robot vacuum cleaner. Drum rolls, here we would like to recommend a high-performance and sophisticated robot vacuum—the UONI V980 Plus ( with self-emptying dustbin, the best robot cleaner ever.

Accurate mapping, smart obstacle avoidance

For robot vacuums without a good navigation planning system, it is like driving without a steering wheel and running around like a headless housefly, which is completely contrary to the robot vacuum’s “intelligent human set-up”.

The UONI V980 Plus boasts itself with the advanced 8th generation laser navigation system. During the initial run, it will first scan the home and the mapping of your home will be drawn synchronously and accurately, executing the cleaning route with the Z-shaped route cleaning to ensure that no corners are missed.

In addition, the configuration of 25 sets of sensors built in the UONI V980 Plus can detect in real time when faced with table legs, small furniture, and other obstacles and avoid those nimbly. It reaches all the corners in your house——there’s no need to worry about it.

Automatic dust collection, 30-day capacity

There are still plenty of robot vacuums out there that are greatly discounting the smart home cleaning experience as it requires manual dealing of the dust as well as being exposed to secondary dust pollution. To make up for this unpleasant experience, the UONI V980 is specially integrated with an automatic dust collection system.

At the end of each cleaning session, the robot cleaner will return to the base station and start the self-emptying process. The dust box garbage collection is deposited into the sealed disposable dust bag, perfectly avoiding any contact with dust. Moreover, the 4.3L large capacity dust bag supports up to 30 days of dust. Once it is full, it can be discarded easily with just a lift of hand. Of course, the base station not only acts as a dust collection system but also as a charging station.

APP intelligent control, as easy as ABC

There are two main buttons on the body of the V980 plus, the power key and the dock key, which are the easiest to operate.

If you want to have a more personalized cleaning experience, download the UONI robot APP. At a click of the button, different cleaning modes such as designated cleaning, zone cleaning, scheduled cleaning, pin and go and so on can be performed. Through the APP, you can also monitor the power usage, cleaning progress and maintenance status of the robot vacuum in real time.

If this is a gift for parents or elders at home, don't worry about it, as the remote control easily allows for control of the UONI V980 Plus (, or a direct shout of "Start cleaning" when connected to Alexa and Google Assistant will do the magic.

Hands down, the cleaning experience brought by the V980 plus, the best automatic dust collection robot vacuum is not only time-saving and convenient, but its cleaning results are also undeniably way better than anyone holding a broom.