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What Counts as a Worthy Robot Vacuum?

What Counts as a Worthy Robot Vacuum?

As an authentic intelligent home appliance die-hard fan, Uoni has owned no less than 8 robot vacuums along the journey of finding the most ideal robot vacuum. It has been a rollercoaster ride indeed. Some turned out to be a total flop while some were precious gems discovered. Started off by trying the cheapest options but then they randomly bumped into things and got stuck in all kinds of situations, requiring manual assistance constantly. Next stop was the ones with incredibly large suction power, but the noise produced can hardly be ignored. Some have short life-battery, returning to charge much too often that even manual cleaning would be much faster.

After a costly experience on the wallet, Uoni has summed up the few professional criteria that a qualified robot vacuum must meet.

 "The basics” -Cleanliness

Strong suction power definitely means strong cleaning power, but that does not necessarily mean the greater the suction force, the better. As the suction power increases, so does the noise produced, the consumption of electricity is also relatively increased.

At present, the markets’ mainstream robot vacuum has a suction power range of 1500 to 2500 Pa or more to deal with daily dust, hair and particulate waste clean-up, which is more than enough. Other than focusing on suction power, variable suction power should also be considered to meet different cleaning environments and needs.

Regarding side brushes, double side brushes are relatively better than a single brush, as they have a larger coverage allowing for higher cleaning efficiency. 

Level of intelligence

How smart a robot vacuum is and how much it can cover depend on its route planning as well as obstacle detection and avoidance ability. An intelligent robot vacuum can map out your home layout including recognizing rooms, calculating the cleaning route precisely, allowing cleaning to be carried out in an orderly manner. The stronger the machine's ability to cross and avoid barriers, the more precise and efficient the planned route can be performed, requiring minimal monitoring and assistance from you, the owner.

Ultimate showdown, comparing extra features

An up to standard robot vacuum puts great details into the design. Whether it is remote control supported, is it able to clean carpet, underneath sofas and beds are factors that will make or break the ideal cleaning experience of a robot vacuum.

After numerous unboxing videos, blogs, forums, asking around, market research, Uoni finally found the robot vacuum best fitted for him: the V980 Plus with self-emptying dustbin, and from then on has never had a headache with cumbersome house cleaning chores.

Auto dust disposal, allowing monthly dust bag disposal

As the name suggests, the most interesting part of the UONI V980 Plus with the self-emptying dustbin is that it is equipped with an automatic dust collection system. Simply put, the dustbin is integrated with a strong suction fan. When the robot returns to the base station, it sucks dirt from the robots’ dust box into the dust bag, eliminating the hassle of clearing the dust box every day. 

The dust bag compartment is located in the dustbin. The dust bags have a large capacity of 4.3L. Under normal circumstances it can store up to 30 days of dust and dirt, but the actual amount of dust collected differs by the use as well as the environment. With the app, you can adjust the dust collection frequency according to the size of your home. Once the dust bag is full, you only need to lift the sealed dust bag and throw it out. The whole process is dust and dirt free, particularly friendly to those prone to allergies.

Cutting-edge navigation technology, a carefree house cleaning experience

Route planning and obstacle avoidance are the basic features of a robot vacuum. Otherwise it will be running around and bumping into your home aimlessly like a mad dog. UONI V980 Plus, the best robot cleaner, is equipped with the eighth-generation laser navigation system, which detects the home layout, plans a route and maps out the home systematically.

In a large open space area, UONI V980 plus cleans with a methodical route. When faced with obstacles, the robot, configured with 25 sets of sensors around its body, will make a swift response, timely steering to avoid, leaving you worry free.

A body height of 9 .8cm allows the UONI V980 Plus to clean hard to reach areas, easily maneuvering under sofas and beds and cleaning areas that were less likely to be cleaned by you due to the limited space.

Choose from a variety of cleaning modes according to your needs

During cleaning, the UONI V980 Plus has a whopping suction power of 2700 Pa, combined with two side brushes, easily picking up dust or particulate waste. According to the actual needs, the suction force can also be adjusted in three gears. When a carpet is detected, it also actively strengthens the suction force to ensure deep cleaning.

It is also worth mentioning that a variety of cleaning modes are also available on the UONI V980 Plus. For example, you can schedule a regular appointment for cleaning in advance——especially useful for those who are forgetful and too busy. You can also select designated area cleaning, set up no-go zones for areas you wish to keep undisturbed, set a pin and go cleaning zone for targeted cleaning. All these personalization is directly linked to the APP and can be commanded within a few clicks with greatest of ease.

The comprehensive performance of our best robot vacuum, the Uoni V980 plus ——an automatic dust collecting robot, is truly commendable. And the various configuration designs are thoughtful, highlighting the highest quality of a global brand focused on smart home cleaning robots.