smart robot vacuum, easy to clean your home


Brand story

  • UONI is a global brand focused on smart home cleaning robots. UONI’s core concept is to embrace users’ experience and expectation to develop functional technological features that are practical, stylish and aesthetically appealing. UONI adopts Japanese precision design and cleaning ideology developed by Yoshida Mao design team, Japanese Good Design award winner. UONI has a complete product research and development, production and sales chain. In Tokyo, Japan the set-up of a global design center, a global marketing center in North America, a marketing service center in Europe, a customer service center in Malaysia, and a global manufacturing center backed by a strong supply chain system in the Greater Bay Area.uoni technology highlights

Value Proposition

  • UONI places great importance on users’ experience for research and development instead of just piling up product performance data and neglecting it. The core logic of every product is to "Minimize user intervention, Realizing maintenance-free". The introduction of the series of robot vacuum with automatic dust collection bin solves the inconvenience of users having to manually clean the dust box. This ultimately reflects UONI’s brand value proposition on users experience as the core alongside high-tech content product. 



core advantages

Team Introduction

  • UONI core R&D team has more than 15 years of experience in the industry of developing home cleaning robots. Our Chief Technical Officer has 17 years of computer hardware and team management experience in consumer electronics development, and is one of the pioneering engineers to work on robot vacuum products.


  • The company adopts an approach of strategic global team placements, with local marketing teams in North America, Europe and other regions, and has set up a global service center in Malaysia to ensure that worldwide customers can enjoy high-quality and efficient services.


Market Size

  • UONI products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world, with plans to further expand globally over the next 2 years. As of June 2021, more than 50,000 units of UONI V980 plus; automatic dust-collecting robot have been shipped worldwide. V980 Plus is in fact the highest sold robot vacuum worldwide among products competing in the similar category. 




Product Technology

  • UONI focuses on the smart home cleaning robot industry, with popular products including robot vacuum; S1, V980 and V980 plus. UONI boasts a global research and development laboratory that has a leading advantage in the development of cleaning robot algorithm and innovative functions. It is the first to introduce the automatic dust collection technology to solve users need of having to manually clean dust boxes, avoiding the hassle of having to handle the dust and dirt, providing the luxury of replacing the dust bag only once a month; ultimately making the use of robot vacuum a much better experience.