smart robot vacuum, easy to clean your home


The Brand Story

Living in a world that moves faster and faster, it’s easy to forget to take a break, breathe, and enjoy the little things.

We at UONI value those precious moments, they allow worry and sorrow to drift by, for us to recenter ourselves and feel refreshed.

These are the moments where we find inspiration for our products, through clarity of mind we’re able to combine technology and Japanese craftsmanship to bring great products that are truly made for everyone.

We avoid needless features and gimmicks, preferring instead to be adaptable, and to create products you never knew you needed. We aim for perfection; our drive for unparalleled attention to detail comes from our heritage, and the values of traditional Japanese workmanship.

We aim to bring authenticity to modern day life, where things are so often intangible or built to be obsolete within a year. Rest easy in knowing that our products are built to last, giving you peace of mind every day, and allowing you to focus on your own goals. Free up your own time, we’ll do the cleaning for you so you can sit down, relax,and enjoy the moment.

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