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Self-emptying Dustbin for V980Plus+

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Self-emptying Dustbin for V980Plus+

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4.3L automatic dirt disposal robot vacuum- can go for up to 4 weeks without needing to change the dust bag.

  • Self-em[tying Dustbin Accessories for V980plus+
  • Large capacity dedicated self emptying dustbin (A large dust bag is quick and easy to replace and can hold up to a month of debris)

Note: This self-emptying dustbin accessories only available for US now. 


V980 Plus with Self-Emptying Dustbin 4 in 1 Function


Seamless docking of charging position

Double Filter

Clean air, healthy home environment

Large Capacity Dedicated Dustbin

clean per month, easy and quick

Integrated Design

Collect dust while charging, easy to use without worry

30-day Managed Cleaning Service

Uoni One-stop robot vacuum cleaner provide you 30-day managed cleaning service. When the robot finish the cleaning, it will back to charging base, and the dust box will be automatically cleaned up with the help of the high-power dust collection function. Then you just need to replace the dust bag when it is full. 

Voice Control - Smart Life

Provide you a comfortable & smart life, you can easily control your automatic vacuum cleaner robot by just opening your mouth. Uoni works with voice control devices of Alexa & Google Assistant, you are able to start cleaning with your voice. And also you could cleaning your home simply by using Uoni Robot APP, remote control or just push the button of the robot.

Real Time Mapping Technology

Robot vacuum mop with Lidar mapping technology, it can restore your house model as accurately as possible, detect fixed objects, analyze dynamic obstacles, and quickly make predictions and avoid them. 25 advanced sensors and lidar allow Uoni robot cleaner to navigate under & around furniture, & along edges. Cliff sensors detect keeps it from falling down stairs.

Custom Cleaning - Personalized APP

Uoni Robot APP will update the map at real-time that the robot vacuums will clean your home according to the room or the order of your instructions like a human. The App will convenient for you to intelligently manage your cleaning plan like adding virtual walls and No-go zones, setting cleaning time schedules, zone cleaning and “find” your robot. 

System Cleaning - Multiple Mode

Uoni robotic vacuums perfectly cleaning the dust, pet hair, debris, and even rice and soybeans in the hard floor, carpets and the wall side & corners with the design of double-sided brushes, main rolling brush and strong 2700pa suction power. The higher power suction will provide the greater cleaning power. 

Self-Emptying Dustbin

The self-emptying dustbin automatically transfers dirt, dust, pet hair and other materials to the disposable dust bag which can go up to a month between replacements.

AI Mapping Technology

Advanced technology enables you to easily create a cleaning plan that can be customized for carpet, stairs, obstacles, no-go/no-mop zones and different levels of suction.

Smart LIDAR Navigation

Advanced LIDAR navigation with 24 sensors will create a detailed map of your home and plan an optimal cleaning route. Smarter laser navigation means Uoni vacuums get stuck less often.

Technology Made Clear
Uoni design and built robot vacuum cleaners that help people create a smarter and cleaner living environment. We aim to free up your time so you can sit down, relax, and enjoy the moment, to be one with you and your home once more.